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Castleton Gravel Bro 195478
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Road gravel, A-base, asphalt - prices are always going up. As that happens, your customers get more particular about product placement. Castleton cross dump gravel trailers have been desgined to give you excellent control and an even spread patter. They are also very versatile.

The two hopper cross dump trailers are available with optional individual openers. This allows you to split loads because you can open one gate at a time. You can also umload a thin spread at low speeds. A very nice option in and around the yard.

An asphalt wing option is also available. This lets you make excellent windrows.

The unibody design makes Castleton gravel trailers tough and light.This sturdy Castleton tandem is versatile, maneuverable and easy to load. It has 22 yards of capacity and is only 30' long by 9'3" high.

Virtually any farm tractor can load it. And the 30' length makes this Castleton tandem very maneuverable. It is easier to avoid trampling curbs and flower beds with this shorter trailer.

The Castelton tandem is also versatile. Clean up the sand pile today, spread gravel for the RM or township tomorrow and next week, drop the asphalt wings to windrow ashpalt for the city. Ideal for all types of township / RM and private contract work.


    Model type - 38' Tridem Cross Dump gravel trailer
comes with: greaseless hinge points
  oscillating 5th wheel
  front and rear fenders
  regulation lighting
  conspicuity tape
  Haldex auto slack adjusters
  rear push bumper
  all outside surface sandblasted
  epoxy undercoat
  white expoxy overcoat
  brake pot shield
options: Michel's mesh ultra flip tarp - installed
  Hankook AMO6 11R24.5
  Michel's mesh gravel guard - installed
  Electric mesh gravel guard tarp system
  Hankook AMO6 11R22.5
  Polish/mil Alum, wheels .
   Ruff stuff
  2 tone standard paint
  Turner HT-230 air ride
  Intraax air ride
  2 lift axles
  Control valve box
  LED Lights
  Asphalt wings
  Accuride Silver steel wheels (outside only)
  Seperate gate control
  4 front flaps across front trailer
  Catwalk on front of trailer

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